Rot Restoration

Rotted Logs

Rotted logs are unattractive but more importantly they can compromise the structural integrity of your home and in severe cases,even cause collapse. Once rotting has started it will spread quickly through your logs so do not delay! Call West Coast Restoration today at (360) 961-3220 if you suspect a rot problem.

The good news is that if caught and handled early on we can repair the damage and with ongoing maintenance your home can be rot free forever! Replacing and repairing logs is a difficult process that requires skilled professionals. Do not attempt to do this on your own.

We always identify the underlying problem and resolve it before restoring and resealing your logs. Do not be fooled by a company who will fix the appearance but not the cause of the problem. We will identify causes and recommend solutions such as extending your eaves or installing gutters if necessary.

The areas most likely to become rotten are checks (cracks in the log), gaps in butt joints and generally the logs along the ground. There are many types of rot that can affect your logs, here are the most common:

  • Mildew: most often found in rooms with running water, is powdery and range in colors
  • Brown Rot: this is the most common cause of decay in log homes, it starts by forming white spots that turn brown and can cause the wood to become soft and disintegrate
  • Dry Rot: similar to brown rot but is found in dry wood,  still requires moisture to spread
  • White Rot: makes wood look bleached, often found in hardwoods
  • Soft Rot: shallow rot found in extremely weathered wood
  • Pocket Rot: looks like white specs on a log’s surface

Caring for wood to prevent rot is the most important step:

  • Maintain a good sealant
  • Maintain chinking to avoid gaps in logs
  • Be sure your home has good overhangs and working gutters

If you believe you may have rotten logs, please call or e-mail us right away! (360) 961-3220 or

Insect Infestation Solutions
If your log home has a breathable stain then you are susceptible to insect infestations. We recommend applying a borate solution into the logs to prevent a bug problem from starting. Please note that rotten logs attract bugs so be sure to handle rot issues quickly.

If you have an insect infestation, we will use media blasting to clear them away and then apply a termicide, insecticide and fungicide solution. Your home will then be resealed with a breathable sealant with bug additive.

If you believe you may be susceptible to insects or have an insect infestation, please call or e-mail us right away! (360) 961-3220 or

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