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West Coast Restoration is an excellent and energized gathering of the best log home craftsmen in the West coordinated by its always responsive and responsible owner, Bill Finley. What more could you ask? What more can be said?
Best regards,

Gig Harbor, WA

I was devastated when I found our log home balconies had significant amounts of rot.  I thought for sure, I would have to lose our balconies and come up with another plan. I contacted Bill and right away I had a good feeling that he would be the right person to help us restore our home. From the start, he worked with me on a plan and left with me with the confidence that our balconies would be renovated and no short cuts taken. He communicated with me daily on the progress and this assured me that it was getting done just as planned. He and his team are skilled craftsman with the highest integrity to get the job done right. I received lower bids for this project, but I went with my instincts and glad I went with Bill and West Coast Restorations. Bill provided me with a quote and there were no surprises. Bill also provided me with some other helpful hints to further help me with my log home care. Thank you again Bill!

Linc Hawthorne
Whidbey Island, WA

It was our pleasure to work with Bill and Bruce on a log replacement project at our Auburn, Washington log home the week of 11-13-11. They were professional in every aspect. They came prepared each day with the appropriate materials to allow them to have efficient work days. At the end of each day the work site was left in a clean and orderly fashion. Their workmanship was “top notch”. I would highly recommend West Coast Restoration to anyone considering having work done on your log home. Please contact us @ 253-219-4964 for further information

Vince and Sandy Strojan
Auburn, WA

We are, as are so many others, tickled pink with the new finish on our log home in Idaho that Bill did.

This ended up being  one very difficult job for him as it turned out we had a lot more than just one or two coats of the terrible Behr Rawhide finish on our 30 yr old home. His normal process of glass blasting the old stuff off just didn’t work satisfactorily enough for his high standards so he ended up having to hand sand each and every log on the house to get all the old Behr off. It extended the length of the job for him and was a lot more hard work but boy was it worth it for the end results!!

We can now see all the different colors of our logs and all the great wood grains, it’s all a uniform color and looks new!

Bill also pointed out the places that there are gaps in the chinking, took out a lot of old chinking that could or did cause log rot and showed us a few logs that have started to rot and need replaced. He showed us some places that he suggested we use the Impel Rods on to prevent rot from starting and sent us some of those.  He’s offered to do the replacement on the rotted logs too but we have to save up for that project even tho it needs to be done soon. Bill really knows his stuff and we are pleased that he imparted so much information to us about our house and the care and upkeep on it.

Bill Finley is West Coast Restoration and the best way to go for your wood & log refinishing as far as we are concerned.

Jim & Carol McGlothlan
Orofino, ID

Hello Bill. Hope you made it home safely. Many thanks for the good work you did in taking care of the rot problem in 3 of our logs. Due to design problems those 3 were among those not protected from the 100 plus inches of rain we can get here annually. You saved me considerable money by being able to go through your extensive repair process rather than having to replace the logs. I also appreciate you giving me what I think is a fairly simple idea of how to protect those logs in the future by reducing exposure.

Not only are you an extremely fine tradesman, your professionalism was evident from the time I first contacted you. You were extremely communicative all through the process, and would call back and email almost immediately if I needed information, or simply just to keep me informed of your schedule. Nor did your communication stop when you showed up on site as you so willingly kept me constantly informed regarding each step of the repair process. You’re a diligent and hard worker Bill and most importantly are someone who can be trusted. I was so surprised and impressed by your willingness to share with me the considerable knowledge that you had acquired over the years about log repair and maintenance. In my experience, that is an unusual characteristic in a tradesman.

Many thanks.

Donovan Mertz
Naselle, WA

Bill Finley of West Coast Restoration performed restoration work at my residence in July 2006 Bill’s performance at my residence was nothing less than stellar. The professionalism and craftsmanship that he exhibited went beyond my expectations.

The transformation was amazing. He restored a section of my house that was entirely weatherbeaten and thrashed by the elements to looking brand new in an extremely timely fashion.

I would entrust Bill not only with the restoration of my premises, but also to blend seamlessly with those sections of the house that weren’t damaged.

Bill is trustworthy, professional, highly skilled; and I would entrust him with any future protects needed at my home and would recommend him to any of my associates and friends.


Greg Gudbranson
Rice Insurance LLC
1400 Broadway
Bellingham, WA 96229

As I write this, Bill Finley is just completing the restoration of our home. It is a pleasure to find a craftsman of Bill’s caliber who takes pride in his work, reputation and relationships with customers.

We met Bill, one year prior to the actual start of our home restoration. During this time, Bill was in regular contact, making certain that we would be as informed as possible with the work that would be involved. His communication and regular updates made the whole process as comfortable as possible. This conscientious communication continued during the restoration time.

His dedication to the job and high standards were evident from day one. Each day, he came when he said, he was ready to work, and was focused on the job until he was finished. Words which I would use to describe Bill are: reliable, prompt, thorough and conscientious.

As luck would have it, a brief heat wave occurred, extending over a weekend, this was at a time when our 57 windows were covered with plastic. Bill is a person who goes the extra mile. He called from his home on Saturday, offering to bring a large fan. This drive would have easily taken him more than two hours round trip.

When it came time to build a roof over a porch, he surprised us by bringing his friend and associate, Bruce Littlejohn. Bruce was one of the people who helped to build our home 26 years ago.

Nairy and Gerald Finn
Camano Island, WA

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your expert consultation relating to the technical details involving the proper cleaning, treating, properly preparing full log and log siding for interior and exterior staining and wood preservation. I have worked as a Legal Investigator for nearly 30 years with the Midwest’s largest and most well known Law firm specializing in Product Liability. Our Firm has more board Certified Trial Lawyers then any firm in our home state, Wisconsin. Your accumulated knowledge in this science makes my research much easier and extremely helpful.

I began my research in this area of wood science by contacting Log Home materials suppliers and Log Home Builders throughout the Midwest. I was able to attend Log Home Shows and speak to several Industry Reps in person obtaining their recommendations, opinions and observations as well. I found that there were many different opinions and recommendations on stain preservatives and how to prepare the exterior surfaces of logs for staining. I then spoke to you at length.

Following my conversation with you, ( thanks, by the way, for your willingness to take time out of your vacation time in Mexico to answer my questions and share your accumulated knowledge with me ), I contacted the United States Forestry Lab in Madison, WI, studied their treatises found on their web site and spoke to Engineers with this Agency. I also followed up with added research regarding the University of Texas A & M study on exterior wood stains and their results of their study. It was my observation that many of the recommendations and suggestions I was given by Industry Reps for choice of products and methods of wood preservation were not entirely consistent with the Research done by University and Government sponsored studies. I also observed in comparison, that your incite, experience and overall knowledge of product choices, their uses and applications were, in fact , supported and validated by research performed by these independent Organizations who have spent great amounts of time and study in this area of wood science.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you as an Expert Consultant to others involved in consultation, claims, litigation, or research in this area of wood science. You expressed no reluctance to challenge others opinions and recommendations when your own experience and knowledge proved different. You acknowledged, when appropriate, the need to do additional research on questions you had not considered previously. Ironically, if others accepted your advice and recommendations supported by independent research, your primary business of restoring Log homes ‘gone bad’ would diminish as a result.

As a suggestion, it would benefit others greatly who are doing similar research if you would consider documenting your accumulated wisdom and experience in Book form and making it ‘user friendly’ to obtain. A Book of this type would be especially helpful to persons in the Log home business who are dedicated to a commitment to provide a home or building that can be cared for and protected for decades after construction, without fear of decay and spoliation caused by bad design, inadequate construction, poor product choices and improper methods of wood preservation.

Thank you again.

Terry K. Tadysak, Investigator
777 E. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 2300
Habush Habush & Rottier, SC

Bill delivers! He’s an informed, organized, and straight forward craftsman. Bill traveled from Washington to our Arizona home to restore and repair our log home. He worked relentlessly, did a splendid job that made our house look great, and left the site clean. Here’s the story…

OK, so we bought a log home in the high desert south of Tucson, Arizona. It’s a real pleasing building, but not the typical building material for the area or anything we were used to (we actually bought the house for the land it was on). Constructed in 1986, the exterior had not been maintained at all, which in our strong sun left the logs bleached and very dry. There were also a couple of log ends with dry rot. Being ignorant of log construction and maintenance, we started doing some research. The research informed us that our home was in dire need of restoration and that the dry rot was a serious condition that could potentially be more extensive that it appeared. More research lead us to conflicting vendor claims for exterior finishes and approaches to restoration. Our calls to Arizona log home builders told us that these builders knew little about restoration. Now we were starting to get scared that our investment was in need of more than cosmetic work. Fortunately, we found Bill from an internet advertisement while buying Schroder’s Log Home Maintenance Manual on

We emailed Bill and he called back. He spent a lot of time talking to us; giving us advice and providing information. We sent him some pictures to start scoping out the project. We got lucky again. Bill was doing a job in Sante Fe, New Mexico and offered to stop by Tucson to look at the house. First impressions are important. I immediately liked Bill’s straight talk and business-like manner. He was well-informed and his enthusiasm for log home restoration was contagious! So, we contracted Bill to come down and do the exterior restoration. We’re glad we did every time we look at our home. After cob blasting and sanding, he treated the logs with borate and filled with epoxy some pockets left by rot. Probably the hardest part of the job was cob blasting in two interior rooms that had been painted. This was dirty work in close quarters, but Bill did a great job and, amazingly, left the rooms as clean as he had found them. The staining finished the project, leaving the logs clean and rejuvenated. He researched our logs and got a replacement length that he cut and shaped to replace the rotten ones. This man works hard and does great work! We enjoyed meeting Bill and chuckle every time we think that on his second day of work it rained, hailed, and snowed – all after 130 days without a drop of precipitation. Anyway, the house looks great and we feel secure that we can maintain our investment into the future. Hope you’re enjoying the mesquite you took back for the barbeque!

Thank you Bill,

Jim and Kim
Tucson, Arizona

In December 2004, my wife and I needed a professional to take a look at the siding of a home we were about to buy. We had known Bill as an acquaintance, and knew that he restored log homes, so we gave him a call. His response was nearly immediate (bear in mind that this was the off-season for Bill). Within the hour, he and I were on-site evaluating the damaged siding. Subsequently, I hired him to do the repair. Despite the Holiday season and bad weather, he got the job done – and done well. He had a wealth of information, and used great technique and products.

Before I was a physician, I built Scandinavian-style log homes in Colorado. One of these days, I’m going to have one built for my family and I. And when I do, I’ll have Bill be part of that team. I strongly recommend Bill and West Coast Restoration.

Jeffrey Black, MD
Bellingham, Washington

September 2005

To All Those Blessed to Own a Log or Other Wood Home:

No matter where you live in the world, if you need a log or wood based home refurbished, you need to get that house on Bill Finley’s schedule. He may be a superman but he is only one man and the wait is worthwhile. Do not waste your money or sacrifice your investment and home by hiring anyone else.

Bill is an extraordinary man in many ways. He is fastidious, conscientious, meticulous, and exacting in his craft. The work he does is so labor intensive, exhausting, messy, and dangerous that one might not expect to see attention paid to the final refined details but that is not so. The final result is simply perfection. He is honest and trustworthy, reliable, professional, and a joy to do business with. He is a lovely human being with an old fashioned work ethic followed up with terrific customer service and a great sense of humor.

When my log home was built several years ago, it was not easy to find anyone in my locale who knew how to build a log home let alone finish the wood once completed. I found one painter willing to attempt it. He knew he had to protect it with log oil of some kind and that some pigment needed to be added to help protect the logs from the UV rays from the sun. He somehow thought that it needed to be shiny. Many months later my lovely brand new log house was orange but protected from the elements. I assumed the protection would last several years and hoped the shiny orange would fade.

It did fade but so did the finish. It began to look like mascara dripping from a woman’s face in a rain storm. I wondered where to turn but had other matters to attend to that removed this “superficial” concern from my agenda.

While talking one day to a man I had recently learned of in my state who DOES build log homes, I mentioned the problems I had had getting it built and as an aside mentioned needing the logs refinished. In an instant he gave me the name and number of Bill’s company – West Coast Restoration.

Bill was overseas at the time working on a project but returned my phone call promptly, asked me questions about my house, asked me to send him pictures, and made a tentative appointment to see my house upon his return.

I was very fortunate that in January he was able to schedule me in for late summer of that same year. We had a late start to summer in terms of outdoor work because of a long rainy beginning. He kept me up to date with his schedule shift along the way. Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest are used to perturbing exterior work schedules. You can’t stop the rain, after all.

He showed up on the appointed day, loaded down with almost everything he needed to complete my job, and was ready to go. All he needed was the delivery of a boom lift which arrived the next morning.

The next day dawned and he was up setting up, taping off areas needing protection, and I found him at 10 am moving up and around my house blasting off the sad old finish with his ingenious method of blasting the logs with dried cob while doing battle with the wasps that had made their homes under the roofing tile edges.

Not only did Bill remove the old finish, sand every surface, douse the wood with borate solution, spray and back brush a lovely matte finish onto the logs, but along the way became intimately familiar with every little thing that needed fixing. I was surprised at the long list he accumulated but grateful for the knowledge so I could have those attended to. The finish work was painstakingly completed and to Bill’s exacting standards.

My log home is not my primary residence so I did not see the progress (other than through pictures) of Bill’s work until two days after it was completed. I was astounded at what a difference his work had made. I learned how beautiful a log house can be and what mine should have looked like all of these years.

Like any fine wood, a log house needs to be maintained and the process sounds simple enough when Bill explains it but even better is that he is able to schedule maintenance visits to keep it in top shape. A log house is an expensive proposition and taking care of the exterior is crucial to preserving it. Bill found areas that were in danger of being damaged and were in fact being compromised by the elements. He knew just what to do to fix them simply and did so.

Bill stayed in my house for the many weeks he was working on my house and when I returned to the house, there was not a sign that he had ever been inside. Only a careful pile of stripped bed sheets and towels in the corner of the laundry room remained. My house was in good hands both inside and out.

Please feel free to ask Bill for my contact information if you would like to talk to me more in detail about his fine work. I am delighted to endorse his work.


Michele Hayward


The experience of working with you was excellent, start to finish. First, after appraising our cedar home re-finishing problem, you gave us clear options, helpful explanations, and a realistic timeline. Then you helped us decide on stain colors by providing samples for us to experiment with. We had to wait for good weather and your prior commitments to conclude, but you kept us informed about windows of opportunity and showed up precisely when scheduled. The stripping process had a few unexpected wrinkles which you efficiently solved. The finished stain looks lovely, better than the original. Your attention to detail and eagerness to make sure we were fully satisfied was admirable. You also left us with some valuable ideas about general maintenance. Thank you for your fine work, frankness, and interesting conversations.

Henry & Laurie Stein
Bellingham, WA

Hola Bill-

I want to thank you for the nice work on restoring our 25 year old log home. Our home was another Behr Super Liquid Rawhide victim with considerable rot in difficult locations. Bill made sure I understood what was going to be involved with each repair and did some remarkable work with patching and log replacement. The finish looks great and I gave it the water test yesterday and it does just what you said it would. Your knowledge and your expertise are outstanding when it comes to your work. I would recommend you to anyone that needs log restoration work.


Raven Skydancer
Olympia, WA

Bill, we wanted to add our commendation to the many others that you have received. From our first contact, you were professional and obviously knowledgeable of your craft. We did extensive research before deciding on who would restore our “dream home” and hands down you were the man for the job. When our home required twice as much stain as expected, you never attempted to pass on the additional cost. This coupled with your continual contact with us throughout the process attests to your integrity and professionalism. You were the right choice! Thanks.

Frank ands Leslie Plonkey
Sumas, WA

Bill, We are very thankful that you helped us by removing the ugly mess left by the Behr Liquid Rawhide Stain. Your restoration of our house was remarkable. If anyone wants to see what Bill accomplished I am sure he will make arrangements for you to visit us and you can see for yourself. Bill has pictures of before and after. Thanks for the great job.

Larry and Gerry Earnst
Sedro-Woolley, WA

Hey Bill, we wanted to thank you for helping us get started on our log home. We have a new log house that wasn’t suppose to need chinking, however we soon realized that cold air was coming in and it needed to be done. We wanted to do it ourselves but we were a little intimidated and afraid of making mistakes. We called Bill and asked if he would give us some help and guidance. He came out the next day, gave Joe a hands on lesson and away we went. Bill called a few days later to make sure we were okey and said to call him anytime. Needless to say we were very impressed with his knowledge and his helpful attitude. I would gladly recommend him.

Bev and Joe Bryson
Bellingham, WA

Bill, We reallly appreciate the repair work you performed at our cabin near Marblemount. After 22 years, the ends of the large exterior truss were seriously rotted. You acted quickly to repair the damage under difficult conditions and poor weather. I am impressed with your knowledge and skill. Thanks for a job well done in good time.

Tom Harville
Marblemount, WA

We purchased a 20-year old log home whose logs had weathered differently to the point that they ranged from dirty brown to dried-out grayish-white. West Coast Restoration did a superb job of restoring them to a healthy condition and consistent color, while maintaining the beautiful character and variations in the rough-hewn wood. Bill is one of the best contractors we have ever worked with, from the first visit to the last. He was straightforward, knowledgeable, dependable, and listened well to our needs. The project was not only a great investment in our home, but an exciting and pleasant experience for us as well.

Cameron Teller and Pete Atha
Bainbridge Island, WA

We built our log home in 1994 and finished it with Behr Rawhide.  Needless to say there was a lot of work that needed to be done to restore the home.  Bill came highly recommended by the folks in the Seattle area who testified in the Behr lawsuit.  So, Bill and his crew went to work, 10 – 12 hour days, 13 days straight to strip, sand, and apply a different product.  What a fantastic job!!!  But just as important, Westcoast Restoration’s attitude and commitment to doing the job right made it a pleasure to have them on our property.  Thanks Bill for a job well done.

David and Marsha Hatton
Ferndale, WA

Hi Bill, what a great job you and Pete did on restoring the bad logs. I was in a near panic when I discovered my house had “cancer”. I thought for sure there was no hope. You guys didn’t even take a break in the day and half you were here. I admire your work ethics as much as the superb job you did. Not only did you cure this problem but went the extra mile of making sure it doesn’t happen again by installing the impell rods in the most vulnerable spots. It was a pleasure working with you.

R. Miller
Bonney Lake, WA

Bill just completed the restoration of my nearly 30 year old log home. It looks like new !!!! I am very impressed !! He knows what he is doing when he tackles a job on a log home. HE IS A VERY HARD WORKER ! He fought wind, rain and snow while working om my home and kept right on going. I recommend him to anyone who has a wood restoration coming up in the future.

Jim Cook
Ellensburg, WA

I was extremely satisfied with the work that West Coast Restoration performed on my house (removel of Behr Super Liquid Rawhide and restoration of finish). They were professional, prompt and courteous from start to finish. I would work with with them again without reservation.

Bob Fries
Lopez Island, WA

We recently purchased a log home in Anacortes Wa.. The exterior logs were painted an ugly cream color and along with an obnoxious blue roof, this house needed help! I did a quick search on the internet and found Bill’s web site and sent him an e-mail asking about the restoration process. He replied to my e-mail within 12 hours and provided all the information we needed to make an informed decision. We hired Bill for the job and he worked diligently and professionally on the project until completion. He finished the project within budget and did an incredible job restoring the natural beauty of our log home!! He was professional in every sense of the word and I highly recommend his services. Thanks for transforming our “ugly” house into a show-piece home!!

Major Pete and Nicole Bird
Anacortes, WA

We have a 30 year old log home that had never had any work done to it. Bill worked tirelessly (by himself) and completed the restoration in no time. It was a pleasure dealing with him and we are very happy with the results.

Bill & Gini Bushmaker
Auburn, WA USA

Hi, Bill… We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your prompt, thorough service. During the process of replacing some exterior window trim on our turn-of-the-century house to complete its sale, we discovered some rot due to water damage in the sub-wall, studs and even the sill. Needless to say, we were on the verge of panic, as a simple job began to look like a disaster. But you squeezed us in between jobs, working on the weekend and well into the evening. Even though we’re selling the house, I was impressed that you refused to cut any corners. Your restoration work was thorough and professional at a more-than-fair price. I’ll make sure that we leave your card for our buyers because I know that you’ll stand by your work, and they’ll need to know who they can count on if they ever need you. THANKS, BILL! Ken and Lisa

Ken and Lisa Chovil
Bellingham, WA USA

Happy New Year Bill! Six months have past since you completed our project and the house looks fantastic! The best way to descibe the result is “Rich”. Thanks again for your knowledge, professionalism, and service. Steve and Shonda

Steve Shipman
Bellingham, wa usa

Bill,Thanks for the great job you did on my log home. I talked with a number of contractors and all of them wanted to replace the logs that had been infected with termites. You were the only one that had the insight to save the logs by a very systematic approach of removing the rot, spraying for bugs, installing impel rods and finally replacing all the damaged wood with epoxy. The job looks great; in fact it’s hard to tell that anyone even worked on it! And the cost savings over replacing the logs were substantial! Thank you very much for a job well done!

Rob Markich
Bellingham, Wa USA

I am pleased to add my name to the list of Bill’s happy customers. I had the unfortunate experience of “product failure” on my deck this last spring. After many unsuccessful attempts at correcting the problem myself, I contacted Bill. Not only do I now have a beautiful finish on my deck, I have confidence knowing that he used the best and most appropriate products for my problem. It is comforting to know someone with such experience and expertise in recognizing and solving the problems that we encounter with the care and maintenance of our wood structures. I am very impressed with his professionalism in the field of wood restoration, and recommend him without hesitation.

Jan Swan
Bellingham, WA

Bill did a great job on our deck. He is knowledgable, informative, conscientious, and takes great pride in knowing that he uses only the best products and techniques. Best of all, our deck looks terrific; I highly recommend Westcoast Restoration.

Ralph and Jeannie Hayden
Bellingham, WA USA

Hi Bill……..I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you did on my cedar deck, had first rain today since you refinished it and W H A A A T a difference.Thanks again……….Sal Vacca

Sal Vacca
Bellingham, Wa USA

Bill refinished our cedar house, garage and he’s in the process of finishing up on our deck.The house looks gorgeous! It’s great to know that it’s well sealed against the weather now and as protected as it can be. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him if I were going to do it all over again! Thanks Bill.

Roger and Sue Hotelling
Snohomish, WA USA

Bill, Your reputation extends to the U.K. Keep up the good work and all the very best for your Future,Pete and Linda

Pete Gentry
Nottingham, ENGLAND

Bill not only approaches his work in the most professional way, he clearly understands what it takes to protect wood in the northwest environment. Bill chose the best products for our deck, and made sure the decks were all properly prepared before application. The result is a deck that can withstand the worst weather and looks great. Considering the cost of replacing a deck, having the job done right by a professional like Bill in my estimation is the only way to go. Thanks for a job well done Bill.

Matt & Elinor McGarry
Bellingham, WA USA

You did a great job on our fence! It looks great! Thanks! Brady & Kathy…..

Brady & Kathy Green
Bellingham, WA USA

Nice to know there are people out there who care about “taking care of wood” the right way.

Shari Steber, Timber-Tek UV Wood Finishes
Portland,, Or US

You did a wonderfully professional job on restoration of our back deck and front porch. They look better than new! We also appreciated your neat and timely workmanship. It has been a pleasure working with you!

W. Jane Maddox
Bellingham, WA USA

My deck looks marvelous! Can’t wait to have my house done. Workmanship is great and I absolutely love it!

Hillary T. Wright
Lake Stevens, WA USA

Bill Finley blasted, treated, and stained our Pan Abode log home Spring 2008. He communicated very well with us regarding scheduling, what to expect, and he was reliable and accommodating. He was careful of our resident cats and our plants, worked well with our carpenter, answered our questions fully and gave us a maintenance program. He’s a “workin’ fool” on weekdays, but gave us weekends off, hooray! We’re very happy with his work ethic, his professionalism, and the outcome.

Jan Blumberg and Karen Wallin
Duvall, WA


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and the work you did on my home. You always treated me with respect, explained everything to me, and never treated me like the crazy neurotic person I know I can be. My dad meant the world to me and to know that this house is in better condition today I know it would make him proud since he constructed it 25 years ago. This house is all I have left of my dad’s and I had to beg, plead and and pay his ex-wife dearly for it. It is not my dream home or the home I would have bought if my dad was still alive, but he’s not so this house is the next best thing. I really appreciate your time and effort on this log replacement project and if you ever in the neighborhood please stop by and say hello.

Lisa Reidinger
Raymond WA.

Hello Bill,

I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in restoring our cabin exterior finish. Removing the years of paint from this cabin was no easy chore, but you took it on with professionalism, and taught me a lot about log restoration work in the process. Thank you for all your hard work, and for the maintenance plan and impel rods. I appreciate all your hard work. Thanks again!

Ray Runkle
West Yellowstone, MT