At West Coast Restoration, we use high quality chinking material that will stretch and compress along with the movement in your logs. This quality keeps water, dust and bugs outside where they belong. Chinking will also close up draft areas and make your log home more efficient reducing your heating costs. Once chinking is in place, we will stain and then seal to ensure a beautiful look and effective finish.

Why not Caulk?
In our experience, caulking dries-out which re-opens the gaps in between the logs.

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“We wanted to thank you for helping us get started on our log home. We have a new log house that wasn’t suppose to need chinking, however we soon realized that cold air was coming in and it needed to be done. We wanted to do it ourselves but we were a little intimidated and afraid of making mistakes. We called Bill and asked if he would give us some help and guidance. He came out the next day, gave Joe a hands on lesson and away we went. Bill called a few days later to make sure we were okay and said to call him anytime. Needless to say we were very impressed with his knowledge and his helpful attitude. I would gladly recommend him.”-Bev and Joe Bryson