Media Blasting vs. Power Washing or Chemical Strippers

Blasting Work

We use crushed glass media blasting instead of chemical stripping for two reasons

  1. It is a dry process which eliminates the need to dry out the logs and will not accidentally seep into your home or cause black mold due to moisture.
  2. It is better for the environment. Glass media is Silica Free and will not seep into the earth from run-off like chemical stripping, potentially causing damage to your water supply.

We take the time to clean up when we are done, effectively removing over 99% of all the glass or shell media. Any remaining remnants will not cause harm to the environment.

In circumstances where an old finish is so thick or hard that media blasting will not work, we blast with sand and then sand by hand to remove the undesired surface.

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“Bill delivers! He’s an informed, organized, and straight forward craftsman. Bill traveled from Washington to our Arizona home to restore and repair our log home. He worked relentlessly, did a splendid job that made our house look great, and left the site clean..”-Jim & Kim

“Bill Finley of West Coast Restoration performed restoration work at my residence in July 2006 Bill’s performance at my residence was nothing less than stellar. The professionalism and craftsmanship that he exhibited went beyond my expectations.”- Greg Gudbranson

“From our first contact, you were professional and obviously knowledgeable of your craft. We did extensive research before deciding on who would restore our “dream home” and hands down you were the man for the job. When our home required twice as much stain as expected, you never attempted to pass on the additional cost. This coupled with your continual contact with us throughout the process attests to your integrity and professionalism. You were the right choice!”- Frank and Leslie Plonkey

“We purchased a 20-year old log home whose logs had weathered differently to the point that they ranged from dirty brown to dried-out grayish-white. West Coast Restoration did a superb job of restoring them to a healthy condition and consistent color, while maintaining the beautiful character and variations in the rough-hewn wood. Bill is one of the best contractors we have ever worked with, from the first visit to the last.”- Cameron Teller and Pete Atha