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Log Home Foundation Repair

We have come across over the years that log home foundations have failed for  a number of reasons. Drainage around the foundation has undermined and caused the log structure to sink and eventually crack or break. We've seen some log structures that have been built directly on the ground or on stacked rocks. These are [...]

Log Home Yearly Maintenance

Hello all, Its getting to that time of year for all of you to walk around your log home and make a list of maintenance for spring. Things to look for would be if down spouts not draining  properly, vegetation cut back one foot from log walls, cleaning of logs and a fresh application of stain [...]

Log Home Fire Restoration

This is a fire restoration job we completed. This entailed blasting the interior of the home to remove the char off the burnt logs. Since the fire happened 2 months prior to our restoration, the smoke had permeated in to the the logs. We set up ozone generators which took care of 90% of the [...]

Half log Removal

This project we removed half of the log 2-feet from the stem wall. The construction of this home was built with  logs being vertical in stead of horizontal. This caused the water to wick up at the bottom of the log and rot. we removed the rot from the bottom of the log and cut [...]