Behr Liquid Rawhide was involved in a class action lawsuit in Washington State totaling more than 55 million dollars.  The reason for the class action was because of Behr’s failure to protect wood (decks, log homes, fences, etc) from mold growth. West Coast Restoration has removed liquid Rawhide from many log and cedar sided structures; we have the experience and skills to handle Behr removal.

Behr Rawhide  cannot be removed by media blasting because the Behr Rawhide never fully hardens and multiple applications (as many as three to six) form a tacky finish. Attempting to remove Behr Rawhide with media blasting will only push the product along the substrate, damaging the wood or not being effective at all, depending on how many coats were applied. We are able to identify the  Behr applications even if the last coat was applied four or more years prior.

  • Chemical stripping using environmental strippers Sodium Hydroxide (10 to 13 Ph) or Methylene Chloride (Ph unavailable ch2cl2) are alternatives but there are many drawbacks:
  1.  More than one application may be required.
  2. Both Sodium Hydroxide and Methlyene Chloride are toxic and must be neutralized (oxalic acid Ph 1 to3) to bring the Ph to neutral 7 for proper stain adhesion and compatibility.
  3. Using chemicals will result in breaking down wood fiber.
  4. In most cases you have to sand the logs after treatment since this process will raise the grain of the wood.
  5. All log homes leak to some degree. The stripping chemicals need to be pressure washed off and in turn can create water and stripper intrusion to the interior of the home. The option to prevent this is to have workers inside the house with towels, which may not always work and cause bleeding on the interior walls.

How do we effectively remove Behr?

  • If you live in a wood sided house with rough-cut or shingled material, you can replace the siding or shingles.
  • You may be able to chemically strip a stick frame construction since it is different than log home construction. Just keep in mind that unless you’re using an environmentally safe stripper you will be breaking down wood fiber and introducing toxins to the environment.
  • Log homes, depending on how many Behr applications have been applied, may need to be sanded or ground off. This process is labor intensive and takes time but yields excellent results. This is the chosen method of West Coast Restoration. All Behr restoration projects should re-apply  a stain/preservative that has mold preventive solids. Contractors should be specialized in Log home restoration and have working knowledge of Behr.

Behr restoration projects are difficult and require skills above normal restoration practice. Check contractor references of Behr houses done at least three years prior (all houses look great once completed) and contractor insurance, etc.

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